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Yes or No to Genetic Engineering?
March 8, 2012, 4:29 pm
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 The debate on the use of genetic engineering in modern agriculture is one that has been going on for many years and has sparked heated arguments in some quarters with others believing that the mere thought of genetically modifying organisms is a taboo! Modern scientists, especially in the plant biotechnology sector, however, believe that genetic modification may be the answer to the imminent problem of food security. Conventional methods of farming and plant breeding have recently shown to be falling short of successfully feeding the world’s populace with ever increasing problems related to climate change, crop resistance to pesticides and herbicides, as well as the time it takes to breed for new and better crop varieties. Whatever the case may be, the problem of food security is real and needs immediate attention! It may not be an issue now in Europe, or may seem not to be, but in developing countries this is reality!

With big guns like Bill Gates showing interest in this subject and the willingness to learn more about the technology involved in genetic modification, this is a wake-up call for everyone concerned about the world’s future to start trying to understand the biotechnology behind it before making a rash decision. Generally humans have a phobia for the “new” and “unknown” and it would take a considerate amount of time for people to be convinced that genetically modified crops are “safe”. From what I have gathered so far, there seem to be no meaningful evidence that they are not safe to the environment or consumers. But since we are speaking about something that would directly affect the consumer whether in the short run, or long run, there should absolutely be no doubt about the safety of consuming genetically modified crops or their products. So before you say yes or no you must have all the facts in order to make an informed decision.

The interest shown by Bill Gates may have a positive outcome to the world of Biotechnology and possibly to those involved in making the relevant decisions. They say: “Money is power”

You can read about Bill Gates’ comments in this link:

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